Promo Insiders: Former White House Director of Economic Policy Dishes Advice for Thriving in Uncertain Times

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Insights from the video:

🌍 Former White House Director of Economic Policy, Todd Buckholz, offers insights on navigating a dynamic marketplace and achieving business success.

💰 "All sorts of unions and other workers demanding higher wages which is understandable. You can't blame someone for saying hey. My cost of living has gone up. I need to be paid more entirely understandable."

🏢 "The next six to nine months are going to be a bumpy stretch for the economies."

💰 "What's going on we're seeing in the economy. People are buying fewer things. Fewer objects are being delivered to stores."

🏢 "That's the time to find talent...that's the time to find the talent." - The speaker emphasizes that during a recession, it is the ideal time to poach talented individuals from struggling companies.

🌊 "A.I. is the catch word of the day, so the question for the branded merchandise industry is, is there any way to ride that wave and take advantage of the idea that the merchandise you're designing has a learning aspect to it?"

🧠 The use of AI should go beyond just adding the term "AI" to a product or service, but rather focus on its potential for tailored and exciting developments.


In uncertain economic times, businesses should adapt their strategies, focus on experiential offerings, and take advantage of trends like AI and customization to thrive and position themselves for recovery.

💡 00:00 The economy was booming a year ago due to excessive government spending, but now it is uncertain and struggling.

📉 01:45 Unions and workers demanding higher wages may lead to strikes, causing a rough patch for the economy in the next few months, while inflation improvements will still have lingering effects, slowing down the US economy's battle against inflation.

📝 04:17 Consumers have shifted their spending habits from experiences to goods due to COVID-19, impacting businesses in industries like branded merchandise; online orders for fitness equipment have faced supply chain delays, taking up to six weeks for delivery.

📦 06:12 Retail stores have excess inventory due to decreased consumer spending, so manufacturers and distributors should shift their focus to experiential businesses instead of those staying at home.

💡 08:22 In uncertain economic times, it's crucial to remember the acronym "successful" and take actions like borrowing, acquiring businesses, and poaching talent to thrive and be well-positioned for recovery.

💡 10:22 Executives in the branded merchandise industry should consider riding the wave of trends like AI and customization to take advantage of the learning aspect and offer personalized products to their clients.

📚 12:05 Be modest when predicting the future, as demonstrated by the speaker's own experience, but also acknowledge positive developments.

💡 14:26 There is no crystal ball, but the speaker will provide actionable advice at the ASI Power Summit in October.