Pricing Calculator

PSRESTful released Pricing Calculator featureRead More →

Why you should use PSRESTful in 2024 if you are in Promotional businesses

Current and future benefits of using PSRESTful. Intended audience: business people and software engineers in promotional industry distributors.Read More →

PromoStandards is planning to move from SOAP/XML to REST/JSON

PromoStandards is planning moving from SOAP/XML to Open API/REST/JSON, examples of the impact of the decision.Read More →

Large Language Models and The End of Programming - CS50 Tech Talk with Dr. Matt Welsh

Large language models have the potential to revolutionize programming by generating code, but collaboration between humans and AI is necessary to address their limitations and biases.Read More →

Here's Why Amazon Invested Up To $4 Billion Into AI Company Anthropic

Amazon invested up to $4 billion in AI company Anthropic to collaborate on developing safe and controllable AI models, addressing concerns about transparency, data privacy, security, and potential harms posed by language models.Read More →

Experience a webinar on the revolutionary concept of PromoStandards Product Pricing & Configuration

Promostandards educational for Product Pricing & Configuration serviceRead More →

Notes on Growth Hacker Marketing book

Notes on Growth Hacker Marketing bookRead More →

Promostandards Hackathon: Promofound Presentation

Promo found offers a solution by providing a scalable and efficient product search service that removes major roadblocks for companies and developers, allowing them to easily access product data from different suppliers and implement a powerful promo product search engine.Read More →

PromoStandards Hackathon: Putting Soap To Rest Presentation

REST is easier to adapt for client-side applications like web and mobile apps, and the developer community is adopting the rest standard at a much higher rate than SOAP.Read More →

PSRESTful Press Release

Launch of PSRESTful, a RESTful API for PromoStandards accessible to all distributorsRead More →

Promo Insiders: Former White House Director of Economic Policy Dishes Advice for Thriving in Uncertain Times

Advice for Thriving in Uncertain TimesRead More →

Promo Insiders: What’s the Future of Sales Roles, Manufacturing Work & Other Jobs in the AI Age?

Importance AI in the promotional industyRead More →

Promo Insiders: Welcoming Fall With Treats & Promo Tricks

Importance of the Service Providers in the promotional industyRead More →

Business Service providers are essential contributors to our increasingly integrated industry

Importance of the Servce Providers in the promotional industyRead More →

OS 2.0.0 Launch Party

The initial objective of standardizing data objects for order status ended up becoming something more significant and impactful.Read More →

Config Orders with Product Data 2.0.0

How to Configure Orders using Product Data 2.0.0Read More →

DTG Printing vs. Direct-to-Film Printing: Choosing the Right Method for Your Business

Importance of the DTF/DTG colors in the promotional industyRead More →

PromoStandards Webinar: Authentication Best Practices

Deep dive into the nuances of authentication best practices. We address the pressing questions many face when starting with credentialing and explore the challenges and solutions surrounding it.Read More →

The Spectrum of Branding: Pantone, CMYK, and RGB in the Promotional Industry

Importance and difference of the Pantone colors/CMYK/RGB in the promotional industyRead More →

OSN 2.0 with Steven Stanley and the Standards Committee

Stephen Stanley will be discussing the advancements and updates in order shipment notification 2.0Read More →

The Art of Making an Impression: Exploring Imprint Methods in the Promotional Industry

Different types of imprint methods for Promotional IndustryRead More →

Invoice Service Demo with Jon Norris

The development of the invoice service started in 2017 and went through a beta phase to ensure its effectiveness before becoming a formalized entity.Read More →

Inventory 2.0.0 - PromoStandards Education Series

Deep dive into its adoption and use cases, potentially offering valuable insights for members.Read More →

Order Status 2.0.0 Preview Members Only

This new order status service has the potential to revolutionize the way we do customer service and automate the process.Read More →

Getting Started with PromoStandards Webinar

Benefits and Features of PromoStandards...Read More →

Coloring Your Brand: The Unseen Power of Pantone in the Promotional World

Importance of the Pantone colors in the promotional industyRead More →

PromoStandards December education Session

As the excitement brews for the upcoming industry press release on January 3rd, PromoStandards is all set to unveil their goals for 2023, with tantalizing hints of major developments to be showcased at the Tech Summit.Read More →