Getting Started with PromoStandards Webinar


Insights from the video:

Benefits and Features of PromoStandards

📊 The Best Practices Committee plays a crucial role in ensuring consistent and effective utilization of PromoStandards across different entities.

💼 The top level advisory members are responsible for voting on standards and proposing new ones, making them crucial in shaping the industry.

💡 Getting involved in the slack community is now the recommended way to reach out and connect with industry experts, surpassing traditional methods like email or contacting sales representatives.

💼 Membership in the organization provides valuable access to standards, early event registration, education, and networking opportunities.

💡 PromoStandards Webinar demonstrates how their platform allows users to quickly understand the structure and information provided by different products without the need for coding or complex processes.

🚀 Users can access the order status service and retrieve all the order details of star lines by providing the necessary credentials and query parameters, making it a convenient tool for distributors.

📊 Developing an infrastructure that can handle millions of requests a month is crucial for success.

💼 PromoStandards has a scalable system that can handle a high volume of requests, as demonstrated by Staples generating 20 to 30,000 requests a week on their endpoints.

💡 Starting simple with inventory and order status can provide the quickest ROI and immediate value in the supply chain world.

💥 The current number of suppliers using PromoStandards is somewhere north of 200, showing its growing popularity and adoption in the industry.

PromoStandards Mission and Industry Impact

💼 The PromoStandards mission is to collaborate and create industry-leading open standards that improve customer experience, reduce transaction friction, and execute a digital strategy.

💪 PromoStandards aims to establish itself as the dominant and leading open standard for the industry, with over 50 industry firms already signing on to support it.

🌞 The upcoming technology summit and hackathon in Tampa aims to provide a fun and entertaining experience, focusing on rebuilding networking, friendships, and community within the industry.


PromoStandards is a not-for-profit organization promoting open standards in the industry, offering membership benefits and emphasizing the importance of consistent implementation of standards.

📝 00:00 PromoStandards is a not-for-profit organization promoting open standards in the industry, with a successful campaign and upcoming technology summit, offering benefits to members and emphasizing the importance of consistent implementation of standards.

📝 09:19 Join PromoStandards for membership benefits, including involvement in creating standards, access to endpoints, and networking opportunities, with the added security of a login wall; connect with industry professionals in the slack community for assistance and guidance.

📝 15:19 The PromoStandards website provides a list of over 1500 endpoints for suppliers and their services, with the webinar simplifying and explaining these tools, including access to service documentation and the ability to search for suppliers and their offered services.

📧 20:08 Use the member directory search to find technical support contacts, request credentials to access supplier data, and handle onboarding through individual relationships; core services include orders, inventory status, product data, media, and purchase orders, with emphasis on ROI.

📝 31:51 PromoStandards Webinar discussed the availability and effectiveness of their purchase order service, as well as a validation tool for exploring and processing data, making it valuable for communicating requirements to development teams or project managers.

📝 41:55 Join the PromoStandards community, partner with a business, and start scaling your process with a service provider to access support and services for developing your own data and system without needing to be a developer or IT guru.

📝 52:28 Integrating with PromoStandards is not difficult and can be done with a small staff or outsourced, with the challenge being to get all suppliers onto a universal data model for kits, and the webinar discussed the complexity of converting data between rest and soap in promo standards and questioned whether rest or graphql is the better alternative for the future, with members of the technology committee and Promise Energy hiring a consulting company to determine the next iteration of the right technology and actively inviting industry participants to join and be involved in the process, while suppliers are offering more data and services in response to increased demand during the pandemic, and there are plans to solve proofing in order status 2.0, create a data dictionary/glossary for promo standards terminology, and the best practices committee is working on required and suggested fields, and there may be a possibility of creating a visual video walk-through of the data model with the help of a partner in the supply chain or the committee at sn love, and there was a discussion about joining a Slack channel, resolving integration issues with nil values, and determining the preferred approach for passing values that are not required.

👉 01:04:25 Email me if you have any questions, join as a member for easier access to education and events, and thank you for the questions and feedback.