Promostandards Hackathon: Promofound Presentation


Insights from the video:

🚀 Promo found offers a solution by providing a scalable and efficient product search service that removes major roadblocks for companies and developers, allowing them to easily access product data from different suppliers and implement a powerful promo product search engine.

💰 A quality search algorithm in Promo found leads to more sales by allowing website visitors to easily find the products they're looking for, ultimately increasing conversion rates.

💪 The technology showcased in the hackathon removes barriers in accessing product information from different suppliers, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

💡 PromoFound is a flexible tool that can be used in various ways by different businesses, as demonstrated by the ability to build a desktop application with filters for color and custom apparel sizes.

💡 PromoFound offers a profound new way to enable product search, making it easier to build a fast, accurate, and scalable search engine.

🤔 The database size on Microsoft Azure is currently limited, so if there were 300 people hitting it, it might hit the limit of the amount the speaker is willing to pay to run the database.


PromoFound is a powerful and affordable multi-vendor promotional product search engine that converts XML to JSON, providing fast and accurate search results and customizable features for businesses.

🔍 00:00 Promo found is a powerful and affordable multi-vendor promotional product search engine that solves the difficulties of obtaining reliable data from suppliers and offers a scalable and efficient search service.

🚀 01:26 PromoFound is an open and accessible platform that leverages promo standards to provide Lightning Fast search results and accurate product data, utilizing a groundbreaking XML to Json technology.

📝 02:46 Standards use soap and XML for data transfer, but developers prefer Json and rest Based Services, so the speaker discusses the benefits of converting XML to Json.

💡 03:24 Our technology converts XML responses to Json, making it easier for developers to work with product data from different suppliers and build websites with search functionality in under a week.

💡 04:35 PromoFound is a versatile tool that allows businesses to customize their product pages, search results, and even build desktop applications, with the ability to configure algorithms and convert XML to JSON.

💡 06:23 PromoFound enables users to build a fast, accurate, and scalable search engine for product search, with features like product cache weighted results and a data updater.

💡 07:22 The speaker discusses the frequency of refreshing supplier information in the cache and mentions the possibility of implementing a schedule to reload changed products, while also mentioning the limitations of the current database size.

🔍 08:24 The search tool uses filters and text matching with weighted rankings to produce higher quality results, and the rankings are then converted into a relevancy score displayed in the search results.