PromoStandards is planning to move from SOAP/XML to REST/JSON


I am happy to hear PromoStandards (opens in a new tab) will start creating standards using Open API and moving from SOAP/XML to REST/JSON. In the last session of the 2nd PromoStandards Tech Summit from Feb 4 to Feb - 7, Eric Shonebarger, former President at Hit Promotional Products and Standards Committee Chair, informed that new standards will be created using Open API.

The intention is to migrate to JSON more than be fully REST, trying to minimize the work suppliers, distributors, and service providers will need to adopt the new standards.

I just ran some experiments using our service (opens in a new tab), which already does what the PromoStandards is proposing, to compare how certain responses will be impacted by the decision.

In order to create a good sample I choose a product from Alphabroder 3501(Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Long-Sleeve T-Shirt) (opens in a new tab) with 46 colors and 8 sizes.

ServiceMethodSize XMLSize JSON
Product Pricing and ConfigurationgetPPC607K992K
Product DatagetProductSellable8.7M16M
Media ContentgetMediaContent770K1.2M

As expected the bigger the size the better JSON will do in the comparison, about half of the size.

I think there is no need to wait for the next standards, we already implemented them and it is free and easy to test.

Besides the translation, from SOAP/XML to REST/JSON, we also have caching (opens in a new tab)(making the API calls a lot faster) and our Data Explorer (opens in a new tab) feature that allows developers to understand the data coming from those APIs.

Let us know what you think about it.